『日本秦漢史研究』Journal of the Japan Association for Qin-Han Historical Studies

No.23 (Published November 19, 2022, Total 231 Pages)

HIRAMATSU Asuka., ‘The character of Central Government during Ai-Di Period: The Restoration of Wang-Clan’ pp.1-26
MIURA Yuki., ‘The Position of the Son of Heaven in the Later Han Dynasty: Through the Study of the Idea of “the Son of Heaven is a little of nobility”’ pp.27-55
SAKAI Shunta., ‘Barbarians in Sichuan from the Han to the Six Dynasties Period: From the perspective of the so-called “ba-man(巴蛮)” and “liao(獠)” Designation Issues.’ Pp.56-95

TSURUMA Kazuyuki., ‘Nameless People of the First Emperor Era’ pp.96-129
HARA Motoko., ‘Environmental History and Qin-Han History’ pp.130-147

Book Reviews
MIZUNO Taku., MATSUI Yoshinori, The Recalled History of the Western Zhou pp.148-165
SHIMODA Makoto., Von FALKENHAUSEN, Lothar and MOMIYAMA Akira, eds. Birth of the Qin Empire pp.166-179
EBINE Ryosuke., MIYAKE Kiyoshi, A Life of a Local Scribe in Early China pp.180-195
IIDA Sachiko., ITO Toshio and SEKIO Shiro, eds., A Study of Wooden-Bamboo Manusripts in the Later-Han and the Wei-Jin Periods pp.196-208
TSUDA Tomohisa., SEKIO Shiro, The Archeology of Sanguozhi 三国志: Sanguozhi and the Three Kingdoms Period as Seen from Excavated Materials pp.209-224

Bulletin pp.225-231

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