『日本秦漢史研究』Journal of the Japan Association for Qin-Han Historical Studies

No.24 (Published November 18, 2023, Total 175 Pages)

MUNE Shutaro., ‘Commercial Transaction Management from the Warring States Period to Qin-Han Era: Focusing on Bonds and “Zhi”’ pp.1-33
MORI Masashi., ‘Food of the People in the Han Dynasty: A Preliminary Study on the Bamboo-scripts “Shi Fang (食方)” from the Han Tomb at Huxishan (虎渓山)’ pp.34-60
TAKENO Tsuneo., ‘On the Change of the Significance of Kingsʼ Existence during Former Han Period’ pp.61-93

LI Kaiyuan (transl. by YASUNAGA Tomoaki)., ‘Research, Narration and Theory: The Historiography I Have Pursued’ pp.94-105

Book Reviews
ISHITANI Makoto., OKAMURA Hidenori, Ancient Societies with Wheeled Vehicles in East Asia pp.106-118
SUGIMURA Shinji., HENMI Osamu, The Marquises of Gaozu Lineage in Former Han Dynasty pp.119-134
FUJII Noriyuki., OKADA Yasuichiro and NAGATA Takuji, eds., Understandings of Han pp.135-152
WATANABE Masatomo., SATO Tatsuro, Institutions, Culture and Society during the Han and Six Dynasties Period pp.153-168

Bulletin pp.169-175

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