『日本秦漢史研究』Journal of the Japan Association for Qin-Han Historical Studies  Table of Contents (en)

No.22 (Published November 27, 2021, Total 151 Pages)

SATO Shinya., 'Women's Management of Household Property Analyzed from Shou Ding Inscription: A Perspective on Western Zhou Period Gender Issues' pp.1-30
ISHITANI Makoto., 'Transition of Cosmic Idea in the Western Han Period Analyzed from Geometric Patterns of Eaves-Tiles' pp.31-59
FUKUNAGA Yoshitaka., 'The Influence of the Liubang 劉邦 Group in the Wendi 文帝 Reign: Based on the Discussion on the Revision of Clothing Color' pp.60-85

Book Reviews
YAMADA Takahito., MIZUNO Taku, A Study of Governance in the Spring and Autumn Period. pp.86-101
WASHIO Yuko., Editorial Committee of Professor KUDO Motoo's Retirement Commemorative Theses(ed.), Law, Politics, and Customs in Early China. pp.102-115
FUJITA Katsuhisa., TAKAMURA Takeyuki, HIROSE Kunio & WATANABE Hideyuki(eds), Qin-Han Empire viewed from the Peripheral Region. pp.116-130
ABE Soichiro., KAKINUMA Yohei, Continuity and Transformation in the Monetary Economy of Ancient China. pp.131-144

Bulletin  pp.145-150

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No.21 (Published December 21, 2020, Total 184 Pages)

SASAKI Kenta., 'Grammatical Consideration of "Qian Jia Ru"(遷郟鄏)in Zuo Zhuan(左伝)' pp.1-21
CHONG CheukLun., 'A study of Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Progress in 26th Year of his Reign' pp.22-44
TSUKAMOTO Tsuyoshi., 'The Political Intervention of Dowagers in the Former Han Dynasty' pp.45-72
KAMIJO Shun., 'Arguments on the Li System in the Period of Ming Di : With a Central Focus on the Construction of the San Yong' pp.73-92
WATANABE Masatomo., 'Imperial Succession by Collateral Relatives and Posthumous Honorific Titles in the Later Han Dynasty' pp.93-121

Memorial Writing
KUDOU Motoo., 'In Memory of Dr. FUKUI Shigemasa' pp.122-125

Book Reviews
TATEMI Satoshi., MATSUSHIMA Tatsuma, Establishment of the Han Empire. pp.126-141
SAKAI Shunta., TSURUMA Kazuyuki & MURAMATSU Koichi (eds), A history of the Horses in Ancient East Asia. pp.142-155
TAKAMURA Takeyuki., MIYAKE Kiyoshi (ed), Military Control of a Multi-Ethnic Society in Early China : What Excavated Manuscripts Can Tell Us. pp.156-165

Recent Publication
KAKINUMA Yohei., WATANABE Shin'ichiro, Establishment of China: until Tang Dynasty.pp.166-176

Bulletin  pp.177-183


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